The future of money is financial technology. Rapidly Spreading Digital technology now offer an opportunity to provide financial services at a much lower cost and therefore profitably, boosting financial inclusion and enabling large productivity gains across the African economy. Broadening access to finance through financial technology has unlocked productivity and investment reduced poverty, and helped build strong institutions with less corruption – all while providing a profitable sustainable Business opportunity for financial services providers.

The Africa Fintech Brands Innovation Award is a platform aimed at Celebrating Fintech Innovation, Leadership, and Technology.

The Award is a global Initiative founded on the idea that fintech can unleash unprecedented economic firepower in Africa but more collaboration between the ecosystem stakeholder is needed.

The Winner’s world has made an Outstanding Contribution to the development of the Fintech Industry through Innovation and Invention in Africa.

The African Brands Media Ltd will provide exclusive reporting of the Entire Award Winners and showcase their Achievements in a Special Edition of Fintech Revolution in Africa 2023 with a view to creating more awareness of these Brands globally.

For the benefit of a comprehensive Report, we will interview different CEO’s/Regulator/Innovator of the Fintech ecosystem in Africa.

The Fintech Brands Innovation Awards 2023 Methodology

The Fintech Brands Innovation Awards 2022 Research represents the most comprehensive Fintech Brands study in Africa. It is a consumer-led survey that establishes innovative Fintech Brands’ preferences across the continent. The study is independently concluded by The Africa Brands Magazine, Geopoll, the leader in providing fast, high-Quality Research from emerging markets with strategic analysis and insight.

In the 2020-2023 period the survey was conducted in 23 countries which covers all African economic regions and collectively represent at least 75% of the population and the GDP of Africa. In these countries, Fintech Brands are often the most dominant Fintech Brands across Africa or within their regions.

Since 2020, the innovative Fintech Brands has been using Geopoll multimodal survey platform to collect data via SMS rather than face-to-face method.

Mobile interviewing has proven to be the most effective way to reach Africa Consumers because of the high penetration of mobile telephony as a primary mode of communication and increasingly for consumer transition in Africa.

The mobile methodology of Geopoll’s large database of respondents across Africa, therefore, assured a wider reach and expediency in conducting research across the continent, Individuals age 18 and older in the sample countries were asked to report on their most innovative Fintech Brands irrespective of countries of the region. In addition, because of their catalytic impact or influential role respondent were further asked to rank their most innovative Fintech Brands. As an African-focused survey and given the growing number of Africa Fintech Brands this new question was introduced especially focusing on identifying the “The Best Innovative Fintech Africa Brand of the Year 2023” 

The survey yielded over 5, 000 Fintech and Financial Services Brand covering over 100 Fintech Brands Innovation with the final coded data.

Geopoll calculated a score for each Fintech Brand and created an index that takes into account the sample and population size of each country covered.

The Fintech Brands Innovation was further analyzed to ensure there are no duplication and no generic category rather than the trading fintech mentioned.

Finally, to make the list of the Innovative Fintech Brands, the Brands have to be available and recalled in at least one other country other than their domicile market. Given the fragmentation and proliferation of local media, the media list is now focused truly Pan-Africa Countries.

Overall, The Fintech Brands Innovation Awards 2023 is on the most region’s consumer-led methodology consistent with global best practices and the most representative and comprehensive study and ranking of Fintech Brands in Africa.


Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Togo, Egypt, Mauritius, Cote d’ivoire, Algeria, Tunisia, Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Burkinafaso, Ethiopia, Cameroon, Senegal, Mali, Rwanda, Malawi, and Republic of Congo